Sending love vibes with EasyParcel personalized flyers is the perfect way to cheer up your recipient!

Guess what? We’re pleased to have your part in our journey these years. As a token of our regard, we’re going to offer all of our beloved customer like you with LIMITED EDITION FREE FLYERS to appreciate your unconditional love and constant support in every aspect of EasyParcel!

Fret not! Our flyer is applicable to use for all courier companies and it is available in A3 (L) sizes. It is not hard to find that everything of EasyParcel is in pink, and it represents the love vibes we mean to you. Wondering how? Just top up any package to claim yourself some flyers full of lovely and adorable design to brighten up your days. Here’s some scoop on how to get your FREE flyers from us!

Kindly be reminded that there will be a limit on the amount you’re able to claim for each new top up package. Check out more details on the table below!


How many pieces can I get for each top up package?

Top up packageFlyer Quantity

You’re able to claim the fixed amount of flyers that available in your request system. And we will deliver the flyers right to your doorstep once you have requested. What’s more? You can engage in eco-friendly habits or practices by being more conscious of how you use resources because EasyParcel flyers are 100% recyclable.

How To Request Flyers

STEP 1: Click on “My Account”.

STEP 2: Proceed by clicking “Flyer Request”.

STEP 3: After you have top up, a new request bar will appear below.

STEP 4: Choose the flyer you want. (*Subject to availability)

STEP 5: By default, the delivery address will be your default registered address, but you are allowed to change your address by clicking the “Change Address” button.

STEP 6: Click the “Submit Request” button to submit your request.

STEP 7: You can cancel request by clicking the “Cancel” button as long as it is in “Requested” status. Once it’s approved, you’re not allowed to cancel the request anymore.

STEP 8: Once the status changed from “Requested” to “Shipment Arranged”, you will be able to track it by clicking the “Track” button.

STEP 9: The tracking details will be displayed.

Feel so intimate design and want to get it? Just go ahead and start sending your love with all the blood your heart pumps with your whole life!